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Living with pain

At the end of the day, do you sometimes realize that you have not done what you value the most? Finding the right activity balance can be a challenge when living with pain.

PainDrainer is founded in Sweden and we are still working on the English website. You are more than welcome to have a sneak peek already now and don’t hesitate if you want to send us some feedback at info@paindrainer.com

PainDrainer is a digital pain coach, based on artificial intelligence, that helps you throughout the day. The app helps you understand how your activities affect your pain level. PainDrainer is your guide and gives you individual advice to help plan your day, in order to find the right activity balance for you. This will help you to have  energy for the activities that you appreciate the most.

Clinical evidence: PainDrainer significantly improves quality of life and reduces pain intensity in chronic pain patients. Read more. 


Here you fill in the activities you perform, how long they last and their level of intensity. You also state the pain level you experience. Remember that your experience is important!

Shape Today

This tool gives you individual suggestions for activities you can do without exceeding your set of average pain level. You can also get help calculating what average pain level different activities can cause.


This function helps you understand how your pain is affected by the duration of your activities, your experience of them and their intensity. You can visualize different combinations of activities and explore how they impact your pain level.

Activity goals

Living with pain can affect your ability to focus on activities that are important to you. Here you get help to set goals and prioritize your activities.

"PainDrainer helps me keep track of what leads to more or less pain and gives me tips on what I should concentrate on to get a better balance."
Living with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis
"PainDrainer keeps track of my activities and helps me prioritize when I do not have the strength myself. I get help not to overwork myself and in that way, I keep my pain level under better control."
Living with a nerve damage
"Seeing how strong the connection is between my sleep and pain level was a real eye opener. PainDrainer is a great tool for making changes in your life."
Living with fibromyalgia

Start your journey with PainDrainer

You easily get started by creating an account. All you have to do is enter your email adress and a password. Once logged in, you can begin your journey.  If you like you can submit a health declaration and tell the background of your pain. This will help you track your development. The better PainDrainer gets to know you, the better individual advice you will get.

Log your daily activities in the Diary

Use the Diary to write down what activities you perform and how you experience them. PainDrainer will then learn about your experiences connected to your pain level and the activities you do. Once you have completed 8 days, PainDrainer starts to give you individual suggestions for activities you can do without exceeding your set of pain level.

Get help to plan for activities of high value to you

Once PainDrainer has gotten to know you, you will have access to overviews and tools to learn how your pain is affected by your daily activities. You will also be able to set activity goals so that you can manage your energy and plan for activities of high value to you. PainDrainer will continue to be your digital coach for as long as you need.

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