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PainDrainer has a close collaboration with Sund Rehab AB, a health center and rehab clinic that works with physiotherapy and massage therapy (among other things). Focus is on the whole person.

Focus is on the whole person and includes work such as tension or damage in muscles, joints and nerves.

Sund Rehab, together with PainDrainer, has developed various exercises that can used for persons suffering from pain. They have also medically validated texts and articles that you find on PainDrainer’s page.

Sund Rehab is founded by Susanne Nordell and Anders Nilsson.

Susanne Nordell
Susanna Nordell, Licensed Physiotherapist

Susanne has been working as a physiotherapist since 2001. Orthopedic manual therapy is her focus and includes neck, headaches, whiplash problems and shoulders. Susanne is also a mindfulness. She works with manipulations and other manual techniques as well as exercise therapy.


Anders Nilsson, Licensed Physiontherapist

Anders has worked as a physiotherapist since 1988. He specializes in injuries in the neck, back, shoulders and joints. He has worked a lot with sports injuries. Anders works with techniques such as Medical Training Therapy (MTT), Orthopedic Medicine, Acupuncture, Low force manipulation, Sports Medicine and the McKenzie method. The treatment is always based on the result of a careful examination and it is important to see the whole person. Anders emphasis the understanding of what is causing the problem and what the patient can do himself.

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